Would you hire a limo to take your baby home from hospital?

Would you hire a limo to take your baby home from hospital?

According to Baby Centre there is a new baby craze sweeping America, seeing mums and dads hire stretched limos to take their babies home from the hospital. Thought to be one of the most memorable occasions of your lifetime we at Limo Broker can understand why the limo firms of the country are offering such packages, something that is being heavily promoted across the country.

One chauffeur service, White Diamond Limousine, recently posted the following advert:

“Your new baby brings an excitement like few things in your life. Amid all the stress and exhaustion, why not let White Diamond Limousine help you celebrate one of the most blessed events in your life by providing a luxurious and safe ride home from the hospital. Looking for a unique gift for the new parents? What could be better than bringing the new, happy family home in style and comfort?”

Focusing on the stress of getting the baby back to the family home there is certainly room in the market for this, adding a bit of glamour and celebration to what is traditionally a very private occasion.

Advantages of limo hire

Being slightly persuaded by the American industry’s passion we have been talked round, with the following advantages being the reason why:

•Both parents can focus on the baby rather than the road

•Limos are spacious enough to fit all of the bags, holders and other luggage in

•Hiring a limo marks the moment with a celebratory journey

•It’s cheap way of passing the responsibility of driving to someone else

•A limo provides enough space for other family members to share the moment with the parents.

Whilst regarded as one of the most magical experiences is this a little excessive or a tremendous idea worth adopting here in the UK? Leave your thoughts with us.

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