Crowds had to be dispersed by police

Crowds had to be dispersed by police

A woman from Ohio in the US caused a frenzy earlier this week when she rolled up to a busy shopping mall in a chauffeur driven stretch limousine and announced she had won the lottery and would buy the other shoppers whatever they wanted. The woman, who has yet to the named, ordered for the luxury limo to pick her up from her apartment and take her on a shopping  trip of her local area before stopping off at the busy Burlington Coat Factory and making her gob-smacking declaration.

The arrival of the woman in the flashy limo caused a bit of a stir in itself however, once she made her boast about having won the lottery and that she intended to spend her millions on the other shoppers, things really started to get out of hand.

Word soon got around about the lottery winner with her cheque-book-at-the-ready and people began flocking to the store. A panic ensued as shoppers began fighting their way through the crowds to get close to the woman. Eventually the Police were called in as the shoppers became uncontrollable and the woman was taken away for questioning.

It later emerged that the woman had not won the lottery and the whole episode was a hoax. She was subsequently arrested and is now facing charges of inducing panic and possibly fraud.

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