At Limo Broker we are strong advocates of the stretched limousine, feeling that no other vehicle makes a bigger statement whilst out on the road. As well as being colossal in size there is also a sense of indulgence that longer cars provide us with, showcasing a certain magnificence that is unparalleled by any other vehicle. You only have to look at the popularity of Cars for Stars’ concept video to understand just how highly regarded the stretched limo really is.

Over the years it has seemed that the average car has adopted certain attributes that the stretched limo conveys, with Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Range Rover all showing an adherence to the love of longer cars. From the Audi A8 L to the Jaguar CJL, most manufacturers are catering to demands for longer vehicles.

Recent sales records show that these longer wheel-based models are not being sold in small quantities by any stretch of the imagination, with demand only getting greater year on year, especially in America.

‘The size of the long-wheelbase Jaguar XJ is sort of the de facto standard in the segment in the U.S’ says Stuart Schorr, a spokesman for Jaguar Land Rover North America.

‘Around the rest of the world, where cars tend to be a little more compact than in the U.S., there’s stronger demand for standard-wheelbase XJs.”

It seems that Americans have a grander idea of what constitutes a luxury vehicle, with size playing the protagonist role in the catergorisisng of vehicle greatness.

Japanese and European companies have also embraced this passion for longer cars, with brands such as Mercedes not making half as many short wheel-based vehicles as they do longer ones.

‘We offered a short-wheelbase S-Class for one year’ says Rob Moran, a spokesman for Mercedes-Benz USA. ‘It was the 2006 S350 short-wheelbase with a V-6. And people kept buying the long ones with the V-8s.’

Following the Mercedes case study, the world has seen noting but long cars being created, with the shorter S-Classes being viewed as an ‘entry level’ S Class, nowhere near as glamorous as a longer Sedan.

So, it seems that size really does matter! In our opinion, the bigger the car the better the ride!

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