Limo Broker cannot quite believe what we have just read. are running a competition that will see a luckily couple win a FREE wedding. Although wedding competitions like this are not unheard of we have never seen a competition quite like this one. are set to make history with the aptly named Wedd-in-Car competition. The Rolls Royce specialists are to marry the wedding competition winners INSIDE of a beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom with the registrar cwtching up to the bride and groom inside the car. The Rolls Royce Phantom has been named as Britain’s first choice for wedding car hire, a poll taken  by Already holding such an connection with the Rolls Royce Phantom these findings only intensified Wedding Car Hire’s passion for the marque, releasing the news of the UK’s most extravagant wedding competition.

Extravagant wedding car choices have been extremely popular of late with brides and grooms choosing to hire a self-drive sports car for their wedding and Party Busses also being a prominent option of late. We at Limo Broker are being inundated with brides and grooms not only wanting to arrive in a beautiful car but wanting to drive it themselves. This lack of convention during wedding days seems to be very popular recently and now with this groundbreaking wedding competition we predict further wedding innovation.

It is safe to say that we have never seen any wedding so focused around the Rolls Royce Phantom. The wedding car hire experts claim that the Rolls Royce Phantom is the greatest sought-after wedding car with there never being enough to go around.

We spoke to who claimed that:

‘Booking the wedding car is usually the first thing a couple will do with Rolls Royce Phantoms being very rare during the wedding season. The idea of the competition came from identifying the need for the Rolls Royce Phantom at a wedding. We thought as people love the Phantom so much, why not marry a couple inside of one?’.

In addition to this unique wedding ceremony are also offering a hamper of wedding treats, providing everything the couple could possibly need to marry in style. They will be footing the bill for the wedding dress, the cake, the registrar and even the honeymoon.

This truly is the most unique wedding competition ever to hit Britain and we at Limo Broker commend for their distinctive approach to the way in which we use wedding cars.

So, why not enter the competition today? All you have to do is fill in your details on their beautiful competition page.

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