Five terrified bridesmaid were forced to flee from their chauffeur driven limo over the weekend after a thief broke into the vehicle, attacking the driver, while the party were parked outside a church in Massachusetts.

It’s believed the thief was fleeing a nearby property which he’d broken into and was being pursued. In order to make his getaway he forced his way into the luxury wedding limo, smashing the passenger window with a hammer.

It was at this point that the five adult bridesmaids made a run for it as the robber and the chauffeur wrestled inside the limousine. The thief eventually got the better of the battling limo driver, and made away in the wedding car.

Despite the ordeal, the shaken bridesmaids managed to conceal their terror, and made their way down the aisle behind the bride as though nothing had happened. The bride and groom, Jillian Sherlock and Nikhil Pereira, exchanged their vows in blissful ignorance as no one let on about the carjacking drama for fear of putting a dampener on proceedings.

During the service the police arrived along with a replacement limousine for the bridesmaids. The police took witness statements from all of the bridal party after the wedding in an attempt to build up a picture of the opportunist thief.

The wedding limo was later found abandoned, however the wedding carjacker is still at large.

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