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Over the years we have experienced many wedding car trends, with small chauffeur cars coming hand in hand with the more refined weddings of late. Although we at Limo Broker take pride in our offering of delightful wedding cars we are also great advocates of limos and Party Buses, feeling such cars to be real statement makers, especially at weddings.

One of our London operators, VIP Travel says that 2015 will be the year that marks the return of the large wedding vehicle.

Ee have seen Britain’s affiliation with small chauffeur cars for years, with limos and Party Buses used more for hen parties and nights out on the town. We have already taken hundreds of bookings for our Starline Party Bus for weddings, with many savvy couples wanting big vehicles to make grand entrances.

Why the new found love?

It does seem that we have come full circle when it comes to wedding transportation, with lavish, out of the ordinary vehicles holding a special place in the hearts of the British.

Daniel Ford, Sales Manager at Limo Broker says:

Wedding cars are all about showing personality, with brides and grooms choosing vehicles that reflect them as a couple. We are seeing many more adventurous people getting married, choosing more novelty vehicles. Where people used to be governed by tradition the UK is getting more and more experimental.’

Trends Overseas 

This revived love of the Party Bus is also a great focus overseas with Cat Limousines of Atlantic City also seeing a great shift in wedding vehicle selection.

‘Times have changed; weddings are back to being big again’ said Michael Grieco of Cat Limousines.

‘We’re seeing big limos, buses, party buses, SUVs, which were only used for wedding parties that could afford it. And again, now more brides are choosing these options’ Grieco said.

‘I’m seeing it at a majority – more than 50 percent – of the bookings for weddings,’ he said. ‘The couple offers a shuttle, such as a party bus, to give their guests a way to get back to the hotel after a night of partying.’

Here the American limo boss focuses on the fact that brides and grooms are choosing such elaborate vehicles not only for themselves but to shuttle their guests, paying attention to all aspects of wedding transportation.

Let us know what you think, would you arrive at the church in a Party Bus? Leave your comments below.

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