A vintage wedding car decked out with white ribbons especially for the occasion, ended up halfway through a shop window after the chauffeur lost control of the vehicle before ploughing into a shop front in County Armagh.

The accident happened last Saturday afternoon, moments after the bride and her father, who had been travelling onboard the wedding car, had stepped out of the vehicle. The chauffeur had just dropped the bridal party off at St Mark’s Parish Church in Portadown, Northern Ireland, when he decided to move the wedding car into a different position, ready for when the bride and groom emerged from the church.

However disaster struck as the chauffeur attempted to manoeuvre the wedding car into a different position as he suddenly lost control of the classic silver wedding car, darting through two parked cars and a line of traffic before smashing into a shop window. Luckily there were no pedestrians on the pavement, or traffic coming in the opposite direction when the wedding car crashed across the road and into the nearby building.

No injuries were reported following the accident, the only thing that was hurt was the chauffeur’s pride as one eyewitness described the driver as looking very embarrassed.

It’s not known if a replacement wedding car was sent to collect the bride and groom after their original wedding car was forced out of action.