Wedding car gets clamped

Wedding car gets clamped

As the Stuart and Tarnya Allen exchanged their vows in a registry office in High Wycombe, little did they know that two unscrupulous clampers were outside at that very moment, clamping their wedding car. What should have been the happiest day of their lives was marred by the actions of these cowboy clampers.

Despite parking on a quiet private street with no yellow lines, road markings or parking restriction signs, the newlyweds emerged to find their wedding car and the photographer’s car clamped. They were then faced with a whopping £650 fine in order to have the two cars released.

The bride was left in tears and the guests were forced to have a whip round in order to stump up the extortionate release fee. The groom’s elderly mother ended up paying £325 needed to release one of the wedding cars all by herself. Mr Allen said ““The injustice has caused huge upset to me and my family.”

The clampers responsible for causing the chaos were not wearing a uniform and their tow truck had no information or company named displayed. When asked why there were no warning signs regarding the strict parking restrictions the excuse given was that there were signs, but they had been vandalised. The groom, a professional wrestler, said “If we hadn’t spotted them looking shifty, they would have towed the cars away, leaving us stranded.”

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