VW 2It is true that everyone loves the VW Campervan, being a universally appreciated vehicle that has stood the test of time. Being such an iconic car the VW Camper has stayed in the hearts of the British for many years, seeing us always keeping our eye out for cheap ones for sale online.

At Limo Broker we were overjoyed to come across this beauty, a VW Campervan limousine!

First generation VW Bus/Van/Type 2 values have spiked over the last decade, with the vintage cars being greatly sought after. Originally associated with surfers and travellers it now seems that everyone wants a VW on their drive, whether it be just to look at.

This car truly is the Limo Broker dream, so we thought we would enquire about the price. Situated in America we quickly learnt that this was no ordinary vehicle, learning that it sported a $220,000 price tag.

Although the medium-range wood and tobacco interior is fantastic it does not justify this price, so what does?

Well, after much investigation it seems that the seller is not only looking to part ways with his creation but is selling his business along with it.

Tej Randeva, owner of Transport Broker Group, thinks this would be a great business to purchase.

‘Having worked with so many operators starting out there is always a worry that they will not earn back their investment, skeptical about outlaying so much money at once. With such an incredible, unique vehicle I have great faith that whoever takes up this opportunity will make their money back within the year’.

‘People would pay great sums to experience the greatness of such a car.’

So, what do you think? Would you buy this limo? Leave your comments below.