A vintage 1928 Packard wedding car failed to make it to the church on time this weekend after the car ended up sideways in a ditch while on its way to collect the bride and groom.

The classic car was part of a procession of two wedding cars on their way to collect a wedding party in Highbridge, Somerset. However the chauffeur got into difficulty after a cyclist swerved in front of the two cars as they were approaching a sharp bend in the road. The first car braked to avoid the bike, but the driver of the second car accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, and so skidded onto the grass verge and into the ditch.

The wedding car sustained front end damage to the exterior bodywork, and the interior was also partially damaged as a result of ditch water leaking into the car after it crashed into the trench off the side of the road.

The elderly chauffeur of the 1928 Packard wedding car sustained minor head injuries as a result of the accident.

Luckily for the wedding party, another classic wedding car attending a nearby wedding was able to cover the job and so the couple made it to the church on time despite the upset.

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