1950's Daimler limo that's been parked outside a house for 40 years to be restored

1950's Daimler Limo to be restored to its former glory after 50 years parked ouside a house

A vintage 1950’s Daimler DE36 Limousine which has been parked in the same spot on a street in Watford for the past 40 to 50 years was finally taken away last week to be restored. However with no tyres and seized axles, the limo had to be hauled out of its parking space and transferred to its new home on the back of a flat-bed trailer.

The limousine is now the owned by classic car enthusiast Stephen Tomkinson after the previous owner died earlier this year. Mr Tomkinson was so taken with the limo that he contacted the executioner of the will to ask about the possibility of buying the vehicle. By a stroke of the luck, Mr Tomkinson was offered the limo for free and only had to pay to have the limousine removed and taken to his premises.

However moving the limo from outside the house where it has sat for almost 50 years was a task in itself. Crowds gathered to watch the delicate operation whereby the limo was extracted from its position next to large van. Local residents were all sad to see the limo leave, and many had tales to tell of the vehicle’s past.

There seems to be a number of legends attached to limo, one being that the last owner stated on the log book of the car is Winston Churchill, and that his first wife was driven to their wedding in the back of the Daimler. Others say the limo as the official royal car in Scotland and was often used to ferry the queen around whilst on visits.

The new owner of the vehicle is hoping to restore it back to its former and glory and give it a new lease of life, possibly as a wedding car.

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