We’ve officially been treated to our very first look of a near-production ready Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The brand new hypercar was displayed during Aston Martin’s Art and Lifestyle event which immediately came after last month’s Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. Details have now emerged from the event.

A video which was filmed at the event features a first-look at the interior of the car. By what was shown during the film, the Valkyrie features a very minimalistic interior which is very driver-focused. However, the film that was recorded didn’t focus on a production example and so the design may change. Around the world delivers of the car are meant to begin in early 2019.

While the film was disappointingly filmed in vertical fashion, it still includes some pretty impressive details. By the looks of it, the cabin can be accessed by a pair of very small gullwing doors. There’s also a screen in the middle of the dashboard which is likely to be a feature that provides infotainment. The two screens which are at either side of the dash suggest that the manufacturing company are planning on installing rear-facing cameras instead of side mirrors. However, Aston Martin may run into a few problems for this plan according to roadworthy regulations.

The video quality is quite poor, although it is quite obvious that there aren’t any traditional features in front of the driver. Who knows what the company have up their sleeve, some vehicle and driver information may well be provided on the steering wheel itself.

Power in the Valkyrie will come from a very impressive mounted 6.5 litre V-12. Speculations have assumed that some snazzy hybrid technology may also feature in the concept. Additionally, the car is set to weigh around 1,000kg, so we should expect an output of around 1,000hp.

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