6 months sentence for limo thief in the US

6 months sentence for limo thief in the US

A man from Iowa, US, has pleaded guilty to stealing a Lincoln Town Car after police captured the 22-year-old in a high speed car chase. He was this week sentenced to serve 6 months in prison for the crime.

Justin Collins, who has no fixed abode, was alleged by police to have stolen the 1997 Lincoln Town Car from the driveway of a home in Portsmouth, Iowa on the 16th July. The limo was recovered two days later following a high speed police car chase on a motorway in Iowa. The police had initially tried to stop the limo on suspicion of speeding and to investigate a broken headlight.  

After pleading guilty to a Class A Misdemeanour count of theft of a motor vehicle, Collins was sentenced to serve 6 months at Rockingham County House of Correction. He has also been issued with a fine of $496 and has been ordered to pay $900 to the victim for costs incurred.

After Collins’s release he will be ordered to take part in a work-release programme and must stay out of trouble for the next year under the conditions of his release. Collins is also banned from contacting his victims and will not be allowed into the city as an added precaution.

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