A Ferrari California and two stretch limousines were the sorry looking luxury cars involved in a very expensive pile-up in Japan last week. The three expensive vehicles were captured in a YouTube video after the collision showing the full extent of damage to the fleet of high end limos and sports car.

Little is known about the circumstances of the pile-up, however it’s understood that the driver of the highly sought after Ferrari California sports car may have caused the unfortunate incident after hitting the accelerator too hard. The driver of the Ferrari may have underestimated the power of this speedy sports car and accidently pushed the throttle pedal too hard while travelling in heavy traffic in Tokyo.

The Ferrari appears to have spun out of control, with the driver swerving into the side of the road to avoid hitting oncoming traffic, however not one, but two stretch limousines happened to be parked up on this side of the road, unfortunately for the driver of the Ferrari.

A giant domino effect took place as soon as the Ferrari made contact with the back of the white limo, pushing this stretch vehicle into the back of the black limousine which was parked directly in front.

While all three luxury cars were damaged as a result of the pile up, the front of the Ferrari looked to have sustained major damage. It’s not believed anyone was injured as a result of the accident.