Luxury transport hire has a new entrant! After the popularity of limo hire, it’s the turn for deluxe chauffeur-driven tuk tuks that have arrived in the UK amid excitement within the entertainment and hospitality industry. Tuk Tuk Hire, a one-of-a-kind service that provides this unique transport hire option to a range of events across the country, has received an enthusiastic response to their fleet of exclusive luxury tuk tuks ready to transport you to your destination in style!

Tuk tuks, or motorised rickshaws are three-wheeled taxis popular in the East for their open air interiors. Today, tuk tuks are quickly finding fame in the UK for providing a new definition to luxury travel. At Tuk Tuk Hire, customers can access a fleet of the finest tuk tuks refurbished to high standards to provide customers with comfort and luxury while en route to the venue.

This special transport hire from Tuk Tuk Hire will guarantees that you stand out at any event. A chauffeur-driven tuk tuk hire will not only provide you with a uniquely different ride without compromising on onboard luxuries like plush interiors, drinks cabinet and state of art entertainment systems, but will also make sure you are the centre of attention when you arrive in this exotic transport hire.

Tuk Tuk Hire chauffeur-driven tuk tuks are already being booked for a range of special events from weddings to corporate hire. When it comes to corporate branding, nothing beats a tuk tuk hire. These motorised rickshaws offer companies the perfect vehicle hire to help with their business launch or product launch. Tuk Tuk Hire offers to decorate their vehicles to suit corporate needs. Corporate hire tuk tuks are decked in promotional materials so wherever this three-wheeled rickshaw goes, you can be sure all eyes are on your company branding! This is an effective, exciting and cost-efficient way of advertising and marketing your corporate services and is quickly being snapped up by businesses across the UK. From a city tour to parked in a fairground, a decorated tuk tuk boasting your company text is a sure shot way of engaging with your target audience.

For private hire events, this is a once in a lifetime to ride in a vehicle hire that is distinctly different with an exciting and adventurous twist! While you bask in the luxuries provided onboard, you and your friends can soak in the sights on your journey with the unrivalled panoramic view offered when riding in a tuk tuk. Feel the wind in your face, listen to your favourite music and raise a toast to your event – no wonder chauffeur-driven tuk tuk hire is becoming a popular craze in Britain!

Tuk Tuk Hire is a nationwide service and caters to all UK locations including London, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Why be part of the same crowd? Stand out in your luxury chauffeur-driven tuk tuk hire!

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