As you are probably aware Hummer Jeeps and Limousines are extremely rare automobiles, literally on the right way to extinction.

With Hummer no longer putting such vehicles through the make line as a nation we are obligated to maintain and nurture the fleet we have.

It is for this reason that the news of a Hummer Limo being destroyed really gets to us, regretful to loose an edition to the ever-decreasing number of Hummers on our roads.

Having just heard the news of a Hummer limousine colliding with a train we can now confirm that nobody was injured during the accident in San Antonio.

The Hummer limousine flipped over on its side with severe damage on the driver’s side.

The vehicle’s tires had become stuck on the train tracks and the driver could not move the vehicle as a result. As the train approached, the safety arms came down and pinned the Hummer, greatly worrying the Sweet 16 party that was being carried out in the back of the vehicle.

The scene was instantly filled with paramedics and fire fighters, ensuring both the driver and the passengers were safe.

“Everybody was freaking out, so everybody was opening the door, pushing each other, rolling off the limo, it was just horrible and people were having panic attacks, I mean it’s my birthday so it was kind of unexpected,” said Garza, the birthday girl.

Brian Rogers, a friend of Garza’s, who was also in the limo, said the ordeal felt surreal.

“I thought everybody was joking around because it seemed like some type of movie thing and then we all just noticed the warning signal hit the limo and we all jumped out the limo,” Rogers said.

We can only imagine just how frightful this episode was!

The incident occurred just after 6pm yet the birthday girl did not let this infringe on her plans to party. Being surrounded by such great vehicles the group of teenagers used the Fire Engine as their method of transport, making a pretty impressive entrance to the event.