With a tractor for a wedding car and a bride in welling ton boots, there was nothing traditional about the wedding of Andy Taylor and Jaclyn Harbot who tied the knot in a cave in the Scottish Hebrides this week.

The couple, who got engaged in New York’s Central Park a year ago, came across the isolated cave on the Island of Rona while on holiday last year and were so overwhelmed by the location, they vowed to get married at the spot.

The venue for the big day was Cave Church, near the Isle of Skye, which is situated halfway down a steep cliff and only reachable by foot via a precarious muddy path. The remains of when the spot served as a church are still evident with pews, now replaced with boulders, lining the Cave Church area.

Given the unique wedding location many traditions went out of the window. The chauffeur driven Rolls Royce wedding car was dispensed with and replaced with a tractor and a boat, while the bride’s meringue dress was exchanged for something more practical which wouldn’t drag in the mud.

Only a handful of close family members attended the big day due to the unusual choice of venue. The wedding reception was held on the island’s only permanent residence.

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