While General Motors have enjoyed being contracted to produce the famous US Presidential
Limousine for many years, hence the Cadillac style, they are not the only firm that have wanted to enjoy the honour of creating The Beast. While first coming to mind when thinking of the custom-built estate, General Motors are just the new kids on the block. Previously, Lincoln has had the contract. However, for most of the 20th century, and very early on in the 21st century, a variety of makes were used; mostly GM/Cadillac or Ford/Lincoln, with a very occasional Chrysler thrown in the mix.

Here are just a few examples of presidential limos that didn’t quite cut the mustard.

1953 King Midget Custom for President Dwight D. Eisenhower


Trumping the list (pardon the pun) is the King Midget, a proposed limo for President Eisenhower. As America’s only microcar maker for decades, the King Midget was the smallest carmaker to propose creating the presidential limo. Building  just one prototype, the limo was inspired by and  based on their Model 2, working with a 7.5 horsepower Wisconsin AENL engine.

1974 AMC Gremlimo for President Gerald Ford


With severe flex body issues, AMC made a shoddy attempt at creating the Presidential Limo. Always being in financial trouble, the company very much rushed the proposal, with the misspelt badge reading ‘Pepsodent’.

1977 Chevrolet Chevette Scooter for President Jimmy Carter


Selected but not used, the Scooter wanted to shed light on the fuel crisis, with the president employing a mission to clean up the economic struggles the country was facing. Insisting ‘no limousines’ this car was an inexpensive option. Lacking backseats, the car saw the First Lady crouch down awkwardly and proved to be impractical, breaking down on Inauguration Day in the middle of the parade!

1993 Saturn SL1 State Car for President Bill Clinton


While infamous for his extra-marital affairs, Clinton was also pretty active when it came to selecting his cars, requesting any sort of on-line internet capability on board. Rejecting an unarmoured vehicle from Saturn, Clinton was allegedly very picky.

Jalopink reports:

‘While it retained Saturn’s trademark plastic bodywork and was, as a result, not armoured or bulletproof, Saturn installed a system that would detect if the car was penetrated by gunfire, at which point it would activate an early radio-modem connected to a 386-based PC that would launch America Online, log on, and send a message to the Vice President’s AOL email requesting that he take over the office of the Presidency.’

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