The presenters of Top Gear are infamous for either chasing their youth or chasing each other. The treacherous trio have been creating fantastic television with the new series being their 21st. They wanted to mark this beautiful occasion with a Top Gear special!

They will be visiting the golden ages of the 80’s in their first episode of the 21st series, revising the hatchbacks of their younger days. Dressed head to toe in teenage attire the three sported a ridiculous look in even more ridiculous cars.

Clarkson drove a Volkswagen Golf GTI, Hammond was in a Vauxhall Nova SRi and May in a Ford Fiesta XR2i. The three set out on a series of challenges to gauge which car was to be named the best.

Of course this did not take the usual form of testing but saw them race through the isles of a supermarket as well as incorporating an army tank and into the competition. Did we really expect anything less?


It is for this kind of craziness that Top Gear was revealed as the most requested show on iPlayer in 2014 with the programme’s Africa special receiving 3.4 million requests.

Take a look at the trailer for the up and coming series: