It's reported that the Welsh singer will re-take his driving test in his luxury Bentley

Legendary Welsh singer Tom Jones is about to re-take his driving test after turning 70 last month.

Although the Kiss singer holds a full UK driving licence, if he wants to continue driving in the States, where he currently lives, then the law says everyone must be re-tested when they reach their 70th birthday.

The Pontypridd born star hit the milestone birthday on June 10th and says he’s been polishing up his driving skills and knowledge ahead of the forthcoming test.

As part of the driving test reassessment in the US, drivers must undergo a full written examination, an eye test, and a practical driving assessment. However the 70-year-old veteran, who will reportedly take his test in his £115,000 luxury Bentley, says he’s confident he’ll pass as he explained: “I feel prepared. I’ve been driving since I was 25 and I’ve re-read the book. There’s not much more I can do. They’ll certainly have a shock when I get in the car”

Tom has been caught out by a motoring offence in the past. Back in the 60’s when the young Tom Jones was starting to make a name for himself, he was caught driving back to his home in Wales without a licence or insurance and subsequently, received a driving ban.

It seems the world renowned singer isn’t too concerned about not passing his driving test re-take as he has a plan B; his chauffeur driven limousine.

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