If you are an avid reader of our blog, you will know that many world leaders have invested in exceptional vehicles of late; limousines that ooze with panache. From Trump’s ‘Beast’ with its own blood transfusion capabilities to Kim Jong Un’s limousine with an in-cabin toilet, politicians are renowned for going that extra mile when it comes to personal cars. However, when talking about presidential/prime minister limos, we in Britain have very much lagged behind, outshone by America, Russia and Korea.

Just this week, we learnt that our head of state, Theresa May, is rolling around in a not-so-great limousine. Using a Jaguar XJ 351 Sedan, May inherited the car from her predecessor, David Cameron. However, along with the car came a whole heap of issues, ones that May has failed to rectify.

According to sources, the 8-year-old vehicle was flagged to have an airbag default; an issue that was raised over a year ago. After checking the government website, it appears that a safety recall was issued. However, as it stands, nothing has been done to fix the limousine. The Driver and Vehicles Standard Agency requested the 5-liter vehicle to be taken to a Jaguar specialist to have a software update. Warning that the airbags could be on a default setting, worries are that the bags will only deploy at heavier impacts. This in turn could cause ‘increased injuries to occupants’.

Jaguar car dealer, Dave Hatton, passed comment on this, saying the car should be ‘meticulously maintained’.

‘You’d expect to comply with a recall within days’ he continued.

While Downing Street has refused to comment on these findings, the car world has shared various comments and opinions online, believing this mechanical oversight to not bode well for the car itself or the MP’s attitude towards road safety. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.