The Zoolander Fiat 500 Limo could be yours!

The Zoolander Fiat 500 Limo could be yours!

As the world’s largest classic car marketplace, AutoClassics often showcase some rare gems for sale. And, one of its latest listings is certainly that!

An outlandish stretched Fiat 500D limousine that had previously graced the Hollywood screens has been made available for purchase; a listing that has understandably seen car enthusiasts talking online.

The one-of-a-kind Fiat appeared in the movie Zoolander 2, featuring silver screen comics, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Being an iconic vehicle that both car-lovers and film buffs love, the car could now be yours for a cool £45,000. The fully-customised Fiat limousine was created in Abruzzo, Italy, with its designer takings parts from the 70’s classic Giardiniera and the more recent Fiat 500 F.

Designer, Agostino Gizzi, did admit his surprise upon receiving such an outlandish request. When building the extraordinary limo, he said the following:

“I thought it was a joke at first, then I received the production company credentials through the Fiat 500 Club in Italy.”

The limousine’s star quality will of course be its biggest attraction to would-be-buyers. however, this vehicle is so much more than a quirky Hollywood prop. The marketplace advertisement describes the drivetrain and running gear as “perfect” whilst the synchromesh gearbox and 650cc powerplant combine to ensure speed is not an issue.

Given its appearance on the big screen, it will come as no surprise to learn that this particular Fiat 500D limousine features a bespoke interior fit for a movie star. The rear of the limousine includes a fridge, state-of-the-art music system and a stunning mahogany trim. Stretched to the length of a 4×4 at a huge four metres, this rare limousine boasts the kind of road presence any other Fiat 500 can only dream of. But, does it deserve such a hefty price tag? We would love to know your thoughts! Share theme with us by leaving your comments.

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