As you know, at Limo Broker we are passionate about two things, vintage cars and sports vehicles. As you can imagine we were incredibly excited to hear the news that the first sports car, the Vauxhall Torpedo, is set to go on sale, with nobody parting with one of these original, stunning cars for 50 years.

The Vauxhall Prince Henry Sports Torpedo is expected to fetch up to £600,000 at auction, boasting an ability of 80mph when it left the factory in 1914.

At the time this car was created car technology was in its infancy, with cars only capable of half that speed in the common market. Bought by keen cyclist and entrepreneur from Worcester the car was looked after incredibly well, with Badgery running the car on castor oil second pressings from his leather factory until 1931. Clocking up 140,000 miles during its time with Badgery the car gained critical acclaim, with its 4-liter engine and 25bhp seeing historians name it the first sports car.

After a period with a Vauxhall designer and engineer the last sale of this car was in 1970, sold to the  family of Reg Long, an engineer from Lincolnshire. Having died earlier this year the car is being sold at auction by Bonhams at its Bond Street spot in London on December 4th.

Rob Hubbard, senior motor car specialist at Bonhams, said: “The Prince Henry is considered to be the first sports car and came from Vauxhall’s various racing successes.

“It was a racing car with wings and headlights and it could comfortably seat four. This variant of Prince Henry is the rarest Vauxhall – I think there are just seven left in existence.

“It was owned by Reg Long, who passed away earlier this year, and was the jewel in his crown. He competed in many events and travelled the whole of Europe over the years. It is a very important car and because they are so rare, very few come to the market.”

Let us know what you think, will the car manage to meet it’s £600,000 estimate? Leave your comments below.