The next James Bond car may not be an Aston Martin!

The next James Bond car may not be an Aston Martin!

James Bond and Aston Martin go together like Fish and Chips; a pairing that has blessed our screens for decades. However, as the world awaits the next Bond film, we learn that 007 may not drive an Aston Martin (gasssp!).

Is Lotus set to overtake?

According to sources, the end of an era could be upon us, and the spy film’s protagonist could mooch around town in a Lotus. These rumours come from a recent comment made by Lotus’ new CEO, suggesting that they would be honoured to work with filmmakers once again. With the Lotus Turbo Espirit starring in the 1982 film, For Your Eyes Only, Roger Moore forges a love affair with the car. This means, a Lotus Bond car wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine.

With James Bond having jumped in everything from a BMW 7 Series to a Toyota 2000GT, really, anything is possible.

The end for Aston Martin and James Bond?

While having worked with the filmmakers for many years, there is no rolling contract with Aston Martin, meaning writers can include any car they so please.

Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer, hinted that the next Bond car is undecided.

“Who knows? We have a great relationship with EON [the production company behind James Bond]. We’ve just announced the DB5 Goldfinger, so the relationship with EON is very current” he told.

“We don’t take for granted the James Bond connection – it’s something that’s important to us, but we don’t buy it. I personally think that the best James Bond movies have always included an Aston and long may it be so.”

Let us know what you think. Would a new James bond film without an Aston Martin be a travesty or is it time for something new? Maybe a Lamborghini or a Ferrari would suit?

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