The Limo Jet has landed

As you will be aware, at Limo Broker we love nothing more than an innovative vehicle, especially a limousine. With limousine designs renowned for taking our breath away, you can only imagine how excited we were to hear about the limo jet.

While many brands are working to launch flying cars, it seems one innovator is going the other way, creating a road-using jet that doesn’t fly!  

Created by an aptly name company, Jetsetter, the vehicle is a real show-stopper.   

With the exterior of a plane paired with the interior of a luxury limo, this road jet has taken the industry by storm. Revealed on Facebook, the car is apparently completely road-legal and has been in the making since 2006. Racking up likes in their thousands, the company captioned an image of the private-jet-turned-limo with the following: 

“After many, many, many years of blood sweat and tears we present to you the world’s first and only only Lear Jet limousine. There are many stories to be told and people deserving credit. Please hang tight while we get ready to launch that portion of our new website. A big shout out and thank you to the many who have contributed. You already know who you are.” 

While taking nearly 12 years to create, the wait is finally over, with Jetsetter planning to unveil the vehicle to the public at the end of month.  

Though a limousine that looks like a jet is our idea of heaven, what will the novelty limo actually be used for? Well, according to sources, the jet will be rented to businesses for advertising purposes. As a vehicle you will certainly not be able to miss, we think this to be a pretty ingenious marketing tool.  

Let us know what you think of the limo jet by leaving your comments with us.  

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