Introducing the world’s first green hummer. Although the words eco-friendly and hummer seem like a contradiction in terms, the perception of the hummer as a gas guzzling monster is about to be turned on its head with the launch of the latest miniature 4×4 which is run entirely on electric.

The latest model to be introduced by Hummer, the MEV Hummer HX is a fraction of the size and cost of its big brother the hummer limo. Costing £10,000 new, the MEV hummer is electric powered and boasts a range of 100 miles. As the new green car has no carbon footprint whatsoever, the vehicle is except from congestion charges.

Measuring just 3m in length and 1.5m in width, the MEV Hummer HX is minuscule in comparison with the traditional hummer. While the largest hummers in the UK have room onboard for up to 18 passengers, the new eco friendly hummer can only accommodate 1 driver and one passenger.  

Last year General Motors ceased manufacturing the iconic hummer limo as the giant automobile brand had started to cause controversy due to the high levels of carbon emissions emitted and also dismal fuel consumption rates, as low as 10 miles per gallon. The hummer had come to be associated with excess and extravagance and there was little tolerance for this type of vehicle.

Following its reinvention as a green automobile, hummer’s star could be set to rise again.