The Ford Mustang remains a global icon of excellence  

The Ford Mustang remains a global icon of excellence  

While a flagship sports car for classic European car culture, the Ford Mustang has successfully cemented its name in the modern world of driving, with this year’s sales records being incredibly higher than industry analysts expected. According to Ford, global sales records hit 150,000 units in 2016, with the British firm enjoying a 6% increase from 2015. On an international scale, Ford sold close to 45,000 Mustangs, which is a whopping 101 percent increase!

“The legacy of Mustang continues to grow, and in places it never reached before,” said Mark Schaller, Ford Mustang marketing manager.

Staying true to the former Ford CEO Alan Mulally’s wishes, the focus for Ford is for Mustang to remain ‘a classic’,  whilst encouraging modern drivers to invest.

While 150,000 is an incredible number, is only reflects 2% of Ford’s annual sales, with 6.6 million Ford cars sold in 2016. Failing to reach the same popularity heights that the Mustang gathered in the 60s, Ford say they are planning on reliving the successes of years such as 1966; selling 607,000 over the course of the year.

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