Of late our news feeds have been clogged up with amazing videos, with YouTube and Vevo being the perfect platforms for people to showcase their talents. Where we used to appreciate videos with high production values our tastes have changed, with the more basic the video the more likely we are to share it.

The car environment has become the perfect place to capture such talent with both established and aspiring artists offering us a window into their world.

Here are a few of our favourite videos made in cars.

Carpool Karaoke

James Cordon has recently made his move to the states, going to great lengths to stamp his personality on the Late Night Show. By introducing the Carpool Karaoke feature he has successfully done just that, inviting celebrity guests to share their vocal ability inside his car.

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson belted her way through several of her hits recently performing “Spotlight,” “If This Isn’t Love,” Iggy Azalea collaboration “Trouble” and the incredible “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

The highlight was arguably when they pull into the drive-through burger joint and soulful Hudson sings their order to the cashier. Take a look:

Mime Through Time

Mime Through Time is the name of a video produced by three Australian actresses, miming their way through famous songs. Offering a humorous take on music covers the three girls use their car as a creative space, showing that you can have fun anywhere; at anytime.

Taking us on a musical journey ‘a ride through the ages’ is the most successful of their videos, racking up a whopping 24m views on YouTube. Watch the video below:

Andie Case

YouTube has always been a platform for aspiring artists to try and get recognised, singing in their bedroom with nothing but a webcam and a backing track. With the growth of new technology people are now getting experimental with their videos, sharing their voices from a wider range of environments.

For singer Andie Case her friend’s car was the perfect place to capture her talent, releasing the below video for the world to see.

Let us know what you think, which video is your favourite?