The DeLorean is a car best known for its association with the infamous trilogy ‘Back to the Future’, a film that is ingrained within the childhood of both the British and the American.

The gull-wing doors paired with its fibreglass under body made it an iconic car of the 80’s and 90’s, a vehicle synonymous with mystery and boundless adventure.

Although a fictional automobile offering time travel to its passengers, the film was still successful in encouraging sales of The DeLorean.

The everlasting popularity of the film was mirrored by the world’s love affair with The DeLorean DMC-12, showcasing its brilliant still today.

CLUBMembers of The DeLorean Owners Club are still insistent on keeping The DeLorean alive, travelling up and down the country to share their fleet of extraordinarily maintained models.

This week they have blessed Dorset with their fleet of speciality cars, stopping off at the Bovington Tank Museum during their Dorset tour.

Previously the club has been to Shropshire, Norfolk, Derby-shire and North Yorkshire and members say the cars draw crowds wherever they go.

Whatever your opinion on the car the rarity is what entices car-lovers across the globe.

With only 9,000 DeLoreans ever made only around 6,500 have survived, all collectors items that we immediately associate with the trilogy.

Claire Usher, Treasurer of the DeLorean Owners Club illustrates just how much of an impact their club’s fleet has on people, causing them to stand and stare in awe of the vehicles.

Claire said: “We had a fantastic time and we had a very interesting tour around the museum as well, it’s a fascinating place to visit.”

“We all drove off down to Lulworth Cove and caused a bit of a stir down there.

“People have just been amazed and everybody has been doing a double take as we drive through these little villages.

“I think we have had a few jaws dropping.”

On Sunday the motorists made their way to Kingston Lacy to revel in the beautiful sunshine, fully equipped with their beloved cars.

“We have had fantastic weather, I think this is the first club weekend when we have had wall to wall good weather.

“We have tried to fit in as much as we can while we are down here.”

With plans to carry on spreading the word of this great fleet it seems that The DeLorean is a timeless classic, having impressed the past, the present and the future!

Take a look at this innovative Limo that was shown off at The DeLorean show last week, an astounding vehicle created from three DeLorean’s and bonded together to make this masterpiece.

Limo D