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Lamborghini recruits young drivers for training programmes

Squadra Corse, Lamborghini’s professional motorsport division, is looking for young and talented drivers to partake in its prestigious GT3 Youth and Young Drivers Programmes. The batch of recruits will be trained in order to participate in the GT Series races, as well as act as Lamborghini’s brand new ambassadors.

The car manufacturer has currently handpicked over 40 racing enthusiasts to serve as the trainees for this organised program. The very first training session took place last month, and the second is set to start in October. Each of the sessions include the recruits heading to the Imola Autodrome and putting in countless hours in the Huracan Super Trofeo and Huracan GT3.

In Squadra Corse’s opinion, being a professional driver for this company is not only about being the very best on the track. Therefore, the program includes four “pillars” of training.

The very first section that trainees get involved with is further developing the Huracan and its racing-bred brothers. The recruiters are planned to work with Pirelli and Lamborghini technicians in order to test cars and provide driver feedback for improvements data for the vehicles.

The second section is athletic preparation. Recruiters will be given personal trainers in order to get them fit and in shape for racing. These workouts will be comprised of intense cardio exercise, upper-body sessions, and reflex-building exercises in order to improve mental and physical strength for vehicle races.

In order to develop as credible brand ambassadors, participants are set to head to Sant’Agata Bolognese where they will be taught the company’s values and history within the manufacturers museum. To succeed, they will have to memorize every specification of the entire vehicle model line.

Lastly, the recruiters will have to prove themselves in order to win a place instructing at Lamborghini’s driving school. Of course, only the most prestigious and successful will be chosen for these roles.

This program is of course that of a motor sport’s lover. What’s better than having the opportunity to be trained by one of the leading car manufacturing teams in the world?

Aston Martin makes an appearance at Henley Royal Regatta 2017

The Henley Royal Regatta 2017 has officially kicked off, and for the last two months the site has been transformed into what must be the most beautiful international sporting arena in the world.

Blue and white, candy-striped boat tents are visibly clear, with whitewashed pavilions for officials and VIPs. It’s hard to imagine that Henley’s has always looked like this since it was first held in 1839. This is certainly its charm, and the main reason that you won’t get anywhere near the Stewards Enclosure unless you meet the strictest of dress codes. So basically, the HRR makes Ascot look like Glastonbury.

However, there’s a change this year according to its sponsors. Local boys Bremont, Hackett, and Aston Martin have all been chosen undoubtedly for their English identity.

Simon Sproule, VP and CMO at Aston Martin has said, “The initial contact came through mutual acquaintances who were scoping out interest for a few select partners for HRR,”

“It was the first time Henley had look at partners and so it was immediately an interesting idea for us to pursue.

“The first contact was made around the time of last year’s regatta so I had the chance to visit and meet Sir Steve Redgrave and the team. They also took the time to come to Gaydon to get to know us. I liked that they were very careful and cautious about who they wanted to work with, not always the case with partnerships between the corporate sector and sports.”

Aston Martin will reportedly provide the transport for officials. The car has been specially commissioned to celebrate the event and the manufacturers partnership. This also ties in with another event that’s taken place this weekend. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a more obvious place to find Aston Martin, so perhaps the partnership with the HRR is strategic?

Aston Martin is actively looking for new prospects and customers due to and operating long-term profit and sustainable plan for growth going ahead.

Sproule also said: “In the last couple of years we’ve been starting to raise the Aston Martin profile through sports. The start of that was with Red Bull F1 and our innovation partnership born from the Valkyrie hypercar project. More recently, we’ve been working with Serena Williams and Tom Brady, respectively the most successful in their sports. And connected with our new plant in St Athan in Wales, we are supporting Glamorgan County Cricket Club and youth cricket in Wales. Our global growth strategy is driving the most aggressive product launch plan in the company’s history which in turn calls for to us to reach more new customers across the world. Sport is a very effective way to reach prospective customers and so was a natural area for us to invest.”

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Country music legend George Strait’s Bentley up for sale

You can now be the king or queen of the road if you buy the Bentley car which was previously owned by the king of music, George Strait.

Reports have disclosed that a 2012 Bentley Continental GTC convertible that was previously owned by the country music singer is for sale, and it comes with an autographed car manual.

The luxurious car is currently on the market for $159,000. It has apparently only done roughly 13,000 miles and comes with cream coloured leather seats, navigation, and multi-zone climate control. These are, of course, just a few of its features.

The current seller of the vehicle, Rolando Cisneros, is the country music star’s neighbour in San Antonio. He apparently purchased the Bentley from Strait a few years ago for a little under $200,000.

The trader that’s dealing with this sale has described it as the “perfect first car”. The car has been viewed online over 40,000 times so far.

Strait signed the owner’s manual when Cisneros bought the car. He apparently also offered to sign the dash for his San Antonio neighbour. Although Cisneros decided to pass on that offer.

If you are interested in purchasing the country music king’s old ride, you may want to jump on the band-waggon fast because according to Cisneros, his phone is ringing off the hook with people begging him to accept their offer. These offers are apparently flooding in from all locations across the globe.

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Top US presidential limousine rejects 

While General Motors have enjoyed being contracted to produce the famous US Presidential
Limousine for many years, hence the Cadillac style, they are not the only firm that have wanted to enjoy the honour of creating The Beast. While first coming to mind when thinking of the custom-built estate, General Motors are just the new kids on the block. Previously, Lincoln has had the contract. However, for most of the 20th century, and very early on in the 21st century, a variety of makes were used; mostly GM/Cadillac or Ford/Lincoln, with a very occasional Chrysler thrown in the mix.

Here are just a few examples of presidential limos that didn’t quite cut the mustard.

1953 King Midget Custom for President Dwight D. Eisenhower


Trumping the list (pardon the pun) is the King Midget, a proposed limo for President Eisenhower. As America’s only microcar maker for decades, the King Midget was the smallest carmaker to propose creating the presidential limo. Building  just one prototype, the limo was inspired by and  based on their Model 2, working with a 7.5 horsepower Wisconsin AENL engine.

1974 AMC Gremlimo for President Gerald Ford


With severe flex body issues, AMC made a shoddy attempt at creating the Presidential Limo. Always being in financial trouble, the company very much rushed the proposal, with the misspelt badge reading ‘Pepsodent’.

1977 Chevrolet Chevette Scooter for President Jimmy Carter


Selected but not used, the Scooter wanted to shed light on the fuel crisis, with the president employing a mission to clean up the economic struggles the country was facing. Insisting ‘no limousines’ this car was an inexpensive option. Lacking backseats, the car saw the First Lady crouch down awkwardly and proved to be impractical, breaking down on Inauguration Day in the middle of the parade!

1993 Saturn SL1 State Car for President Bill Clinton


While infamous for his extra-marital affairs, Clinton was also pretty active when it came to selecting his cars, requesting any sort of on-line internet capability on board. Rejecting an unarmoured vehicle from Saturn, Clinton was allegedly very picky.

Jalopink reports:

‘While it retained Saturn’s trademark plastic bodywork and was, as a result, not armoured or bulletproof, Saturn installed a system that would detect if the car was penetrated by gunfire, at which point it would activate an early radio-modem connected to a 386-based PC that would launch America Online, log on, and send a message to the Vice President’s AOL email requesting that he take over the office of the Presidency.’

Let us know what you think, should some of the above have been taken more seriously? Leave you comments with us.

The world’s first electric limo is in the making

With Tesla auctioning their plans for world transport domination their focuses now lay in the limousine category, with Big Limos keeping customers enticed through their Tesla limo stretch project. Understanding the direction the limo hire industry is travelling towards the company want to be the first to introduce an electric limo to the scene, recognising that electric vehicles are going to be a commonplace in new age travel.

The Tesla Model S has been chopped in half with metal sheets joining the front and back together again, giving way to a roomy inside that is expected to seat 8+ passengers. Planned to be positioned comfortably next to models such as the Lincoln Towncar Limousine and the Baby Bentley, could the Tesla be a prominent part of birthday parties, hens, weddings and sporting events throughout the country?

Maintaining functionality

According to the builders they have managed to maintain functionality, something that many stretches fail to do. This includes the touchscreen in the dashboard, something that was expected to be a huge obstacle for the convertors. The screen originally showed the outside rendering of the Model S, set to be replaced by an image of a limousine once the stretch is completed.

CEO of Big Limos, Mike Walstrom, says ‘the electric technology engineering on the Model S was a challenge to get right on the conversion’.

Still awaiting Tesla approval the company do not seem too bothered about that aspect, wanting to look into a partnership further down the line. With an asking price of $100,000-200,000, depending of options, the firm are taking orders, boasting the possibility of gullwing doors on their next project.

Take a look at the progress in the below video and let us know what you think!