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Celebs can drive off luxury cars for a huge discount

Unless you are an incredibly famous celebrity, the celebrity rate cars won’t mean anything to you. Although the truth is that it’s very rare for a celebrity to pay the sticker price for a car, and often drive away having bought it for up to 60% less than the rest of us. According to numerous luxury car manufacturers, this depends on the stature and saleability of the celebrity.

Junior cricketers and soap stars tend to get 20% off, whilst Bollywood names or sporting personalities often bag themselves a whopping 60% off the car they choose to purchase.

However, the deal, or trade off, does include that the celebrity puts a picture on their Instagram of herself/himself with the vehicle. This would make them act as an unofficial brand ambassador.

Its been noted that there are numerous ways a luxe car company would utilise a celebrity customer. It’s often that a celebrity barters a car in exchange for photo-opportunities, social media updates and pushing the car brand in whichever way possible.

Sometimes a celebrity may connect with a company in order to get the very best deals/discount available.

“The company understandably offers heavy discounts owing to the social clout of these celebrities, which helps in showcasing the product automatically to the target audience,” said a senior luxury brand marketer.

The longer the relationship between car brand and the celebrity, the better for both parties.

Some brands are more certain about the ways they want to market their cars.

“But the truth is, if you are a celebrity, the terms you negotiate with the car brand will be nothing like what a dealership normally offers,” said another senior luxe car marketer.

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Top 5 cars to hire for Royal Ascot

With Royal Ascot just around the corner you may have already sorted your transport, however if you are only now getting round to planning your hired car, then do keep reading. Here at Limo Broker we cater for all different occasions and events, making your experience a luxury and memorable one. If you are planning on hiring a car for Royal Ascot, look no further as we’ve put together some of our top recommendations- all of which we have available in our range.

Phantom Limo

This is your opportunity to hire a car that combines both luxury and group capacity. By travelling in our Rolls-Royce limo you are sure to turn heads at Royal Ascot. Beautifully equipped with stylish interior, a Phantom Limo is definitively a vehicle which will be comfortable and glamorous whilst you travel to Ascot.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

The combination of stylish and luxurious features of this model is the pure representation of opulence and elegance. You can also book a chauffeur-driven Ferrari from us which will definitively complete the whole celebrity style experience.

Starline party bus

If you are planning on going to Ascot with a group of friends then the Starline bus is perfect for you. Equipped with a surround sound system and luxurious leather seats, this option will definitely impress your friends and other guests at the races.

Audi R8 Limo

This fancy limo adds a cool edge to traditional limos. If you are someone that loves speed but want to travel with a group of friends then our Audi R8 limo is perfect. If you have a look at our range online then you will be able to access some photos of the worlds one and only Audi R8 limo.

Bentley Muslanne

This classic car is often used for weddings; however, is perfect for any glamourous occasion you are set to attend. The model has a slick, clean look which incorporates sophistication and style.

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Drunk Brit buys 30k party bus whilst in Ibiza

While we have all had our fair share of holiday fun rarely can people say they have bought a party bus whilst away, something that Davie from Durham is now saying through gritted teeth. When in the full swing of the Ibiza lifestyle this holidaymaker regrettably opened up his eBay app, deciding to buy a £30,000 party bus from the shopping website.

Placed straight on his credit card Davie is now locked into an agreement to purchase the vehicle, an eventuality that he is far from proud of.

Explaining his predicament on Facebook, he wrote:

b62cd8c2cf95cc55faf106c35d46723a“So I was in Ushuaia last night absolutely loving life with not a care in the world, and the night just flew over, when I left the night club I took my phone out of my pocket and realised I had bought a £30,000 bus…. WTF.

“I actually can’t believe this is happening.. Ibiza ruins lives!!!! #fact P.s anybody want to buy a bus off me????” the partygoer continued.

Conjuring up a whopping 32,000 likes and 4,000 shares the people of Facebook evidently found this gentleman’s dismay rather amusing, with the post quickly going viral and shown on social media timelines across the UK.

Accompanied with an image to prove his drink-fueled purchase we at Limo Broker do sympathise with the Durham boy, however, party buses are pretty fantastic in our opinion.

Hire a party bus

If you would like to learn more about party bus hire then feel free to contact Limo Broker today, offering a whole range of party bus hire solutions throughout the country.

The world’s first electric limo is in the making

With Tesla auctioning their plans for world transport domination their focuses now lay in the limousine category, with Big Limos keeping customers enticed through their Tesla limo stretch project. Understanding the direction the limo hire industry is travelling towards the company want to be the first to introduce an electric limo to the scene, recognising that electric vehicles are going to be a commonplace in new age travel.

The Tesla Model S has been chopped in half with metal sheets joining the front and back together again, giving way to a roomy inside that is expected to seat 8+ passengers. Planned to be positioned comfortably next to models such as the Lincoln Towncar Limousine and the Baby Bentley, could the Tesla be a prominent part of birthday parties, hens, weddings and sporting events throughout the country?

Maintaining functionality

According to the builders they have managed to maintain functionality, something that many stretches fail to do. This includes the touchscreen in the dashboard, something that was expected to be a huge obstacle for the convertors. The screen originally showed the outside rendering of the Model S, set to be replaced by an image of a limousine once the stretch is completed.

CEO of Big Limos, Mike Walstrom, says ‘the electric technology engineering on the Model S was a challenge to get right on the conversion’.

Still awaiting Tesla approval the company do not seem too bothered about that aspect, wanting to look into a partnership further down the line. With an asking price of $100,000-200,000, depending of options, the firm are taking orders, boasting the possibility of gullwing doors on their next project.

Take a look at the progress in the below video and let us know what you think!