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Lamborghini recruits young drivers for training programmes

Squadra Corse, Lamborghini’s professional motorsport division, is looking for young and talented drivers to partake in its prestigious GT3 Youth and Young Drivers Programmes. The batch of recruits will be trained in order to participate in the GT Series races, as well as act as Lamborghini’s brand new ambassadors.

The car manufacturer has currently handpicked over 40 racing enthusiasts to serve as the trainees for this organised program. The very first training session took place last month, and the second is set to start in October. Each of the sessions include the recruits heading to the Imola Autodrome and putting in countless hours in the Huracan Super Trofeo and Huracan GT3.

In Squadra Corse’s opinion, being a professional driver for this company is not only about being the very best on the track. Therefore, the program includes four “pillars” of training.

The very first section that trainees get involved with is further developing the Huracan and its racing-bred brothers. The recruiters are planned to work with Pirelli and Lamborghini technicians in order to test cars and provide driver feedback for improvements data for the vehicles.

The second section is athletic preparation. Recruiters will be given personal trainers in order to get them fit and in shape for racing. These workouts will be comprised of intense cardio exercise, upper-body sessions, and reflex-building exercises in order to improve mental and physical strength for vehicle races.

In order to develop as credible brand ambassadors, participants are set to head to Sant’Agata Bolognese where they will be taught the company’s values and history within the manufacturers museum. To succeed, they will have to memorize every specification of the entire vehicle model line.

Lastly, the recruiters will have to prove themselves in order to win a place instructing at Lamborghini’s driving school. Of course, only the most prestigious and successful will be chosen for these roles.

This program is of course that of a motor sport’s lover. What’s better than having the opportunity to be trained by one of the leading car manufacturing teams in the world?

One-off Lamborghini Aventador S created for Goodwood Festival of Speed

We all know that numerous car manufacturers look to use Goodwood Festival of Speed as a way of showing off a new project. This year Lamborghini is wining this competition, and is blowing its own trumpet with particular oomph.

A one-off Lamborghini Aventador S has been created especially for the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed which has already been purchased.

The Aventador S was created by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam division, which has specialities in customising cars and occasionally produces one-offs for major capability showcases. Additionally, they also customise cars for customers which are willing to pay for something a little bit extra special.

This particular edition features a snazzy colour scheme of grey and orange which is seen across the car. The colour scheme is also included on the brake calliper, and the interior finish does include Goodwood decals and stitching on the seat carries the event’s name.

Lamborghini’s commercial director, Federico Foschini said, “Customers can personalise their cars in many ways, from the paint colour to the the stitch patterns, and today around 60% of them do that in some form,”

“It’s an area we see growing in popularity, and we created this car to show customers at the event what we can do. I’m pleased to say that the car is already sold.”

The base model is a standard Aventador S with non of its technical modifications. This is due to the base car being an impressive 730bhp. However, no price for the Goodwood Aventador S model has been revealed. Anyway the car has already been sold, although if you do have some change knocking about we’re sure Lamborghini Ad Personam could make you another one.

We guarantee that this one-off is so impressive that customers will be flocking for more to be made.

Lamborghini Huracan named as the fastest taxi in Lincolnshire

This taxi service makes your Uber look pedestrian with a top speed of 200mph.

It may cost you £155,000, but if you live in Lincoln you can hire this Lamborghini Huracan to pop to the shops or pick you up from your mate’s house.

The silver bullet is one of the first ever sports cars to be given a cab license. The coupe can hit 0-60mph in a terrific 3.4 seconds.

Licenced by the City of Lincoln Council, this motor is owned by Handsome Cabs taxi company.

Customers can hire the car for any trips they like. Whether it be airport runs, a trip to the shops or a hot date.

They can also hire the Lamborghini for special occasions such as, proms, weddings or business trips.

John Bishop, 53, of West Lindsey, Lincs, who runs the company alongside Jamal Parvez, 39, said: “We just thought it would be something a bit different, really.

“We had the idea about a year or so ago, and since then we’ve been determined to make it work.

“We think it’s something that’s going to help make us stand out.

“I would envision it mostly being used by students going to and from proms, and for business people going to functions.”

The only problem is that there’s only one seat next to the driver, so you won’t be able to enjoy your ride with friends or family.

John added: “Between now and then we have to decide on a pricing structure and sort out the complex issue of insurance. ”

Councillor Cath Brothwell, chairman of the council’s licensing committee, said: “Our committee received an unusual application from Handsome Cabs and have granted a license for their Lamborghini Huracan as a specialist private hire vehicle, for restricted use.

“It is certainly an impressive vehicle and one which will no doubt turn many heads around the streets of Lincoln and beyond.

“People will be used to seeing cars like this in The Fast and Furious, but not so much on Firth Road and Flaxengate.

“We wish the company every success with this vehicle.”

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