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Smart Vision EQ set to be electric city car of the future

Smart has made a brave move and revealed how it predicts city cars, urban mobility and car sharing models to be in the future. It has done this with the unveiling of the brand new electric Vision EQ Fortwo.

Predicted to make its debut at the Frankfurt motoring show, the self driving two-seater is deemed to showcase the solutions and technology of the future. Smart’s chief operating officer, Annette Winkler, says it is being considered for the company’s future car models. It is also predicted to play a big role in parent company Mercedes-Benz’s Car2Go car-sharing programme by 2030.

“The Smart Vision EQ Fortwo is our vision of future urban mobility; fully autonomous, with maximum communication capabilities and electric,” says Winkler.

According to the manufacturing company, the centrepiece of the new concept car is an advanced Level 5 autonomous system, and is integrated with a hefty amount of intelligence in a bid to meet the predictability of demand.

“In the future, car-sharing users will not have to look for the next available car – it will find them and collect passengers directly from their chosen location,” says Winkler.

Smart considers this as a big move in its growth plans. At the moment, a Smart model is hired every 1.4sec in cities around the world, through a customer base of roughly 2.6 million.

The overall appearance of this model is more rounded than usual ones. Additionally, its dominating features are its heavily curved roofline, large wheel houses and ovoid-shaped doors.

At 2699mm in length, 1720mm in width and 1535mm in height, the new car is the same length but overall 50mm wider and 25mm lower than the third-generation Fortwo.

“The Vision EQ Fortwo is a radical approach,” says Mercedes-Benz’s chief design officer, Gorden Wagener. “It has the hallmark Smart proportions with accentuated wheel arches and no overhangs, as well as the next level of communication and personalisation.”

This concept certainly looks impressive in the images released by Smart, take a look. Plus, have a browse of our luxurious motors available to hire now!

Every Maserati model set to use electric drive by 2019

From 2019, absolutely every Maserati model is set to use electric propulsion. This information has come from FiatChrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO Sergio Marchionne.

As a result of a conference call with investors, Maserati’s boss and parent company have said that the brand is now set to spearhead the wider group’s push to electric. This is set see more more than half of FCA’s range use even a slight bit of electric power by 2022.

FCA’s brands, which includes Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, and Dodge, is set to benefit from the brand’s new electric process. According to reports, Maserati will swap almost all of its investment in power trains to electric following the fact that “it completes the development of its next two models”.

The brand new and very first electrified Maserati is set to be released in 2020, and will be based on the Alfieri concept which has made its debut at the Geneva motor show three years ago. The all-electric model is a two-seater sports car which will use a brand new platform.

Just before then, Maserati is going to hybridise numerous current models, with the Levante SUV model set to be the most likely to bring in hybrid drivetrain to the group.

As Maserati Europe boss Giulio Pastore said last year: “The current platform allows for hybrid. We are working on it for 2019, when we will be ready to offer hybridisation.”

FCA has been unsure about investing in electric models until now because of the industry’s uncertainty, “We [FCA] have been reluctant to embrace that avenue until we saw clearer the path forward.”

Regardless of being part of the planning process, Marchionne will not head FCA during this move to electric.

Marchionne has announced that he is set to retire at the end of 2019.