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Celebs can drive off luxury cars for a huge discount

Unless you are an incredibly famous celebrity, the celebrity rate cars won’t mean anything to you. Although the truth is that it’s very rare for a celebrity to pay the sticker price for a car, and often drive away having bought it for up to 60% less than the rest of us. According to numerous luxury car manufacturers, this depends on the stature and saleability of the celebrity.

Junior cricketers and soap stars tend to get 20% off, whilst Bollywood names or sporting personalities often bag themselves a whopping 60% off the car they choose to purchase.

However, the deal, or trade off, does include that the celebrity puts a picture on their Instagram of herself/himself with the vehicle. This would make them act as an unofficial brand ambassador.

Its been noted that there are numerous ways a luxe car company would utilise a celebrity customer. It’s often that a celebrity barters a car in exchange for photo-opportunities, social media updates and pushing the car brand in whichever way possible.

Sometimes a celebrity may connect with a company in order to get the very best deals/discount available.

“The company understandably offers heavy discounts owing to the social clout of these celebrities, which helps in showcasing the product automatically to the target audience,” said a senior luxury brand marketer.

The longer the relationship between car brand and the celebrity, the better for both parties.

Some brands are more certain about the ways they want to market their cars.

“But the truth is, if you are a celebrity, the terms you negotiate with the car brand will be nothing like what a dealership normally offers,” said another senior luxe car marketer.

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