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Brand new Ferrari SUV crossover to hit market by 2021

The popular supercar manufacturer, Ferrari, is set to be working on an SUV crossover.

It may seem like everyone is building an SUV at the moment due to the rapid growth in the categories demand. Although, we always felt that Ferrari would perhaps stick to what it knows best- expensive supercars that are more suited to a racing circuit than the school run.

However, it seems that even this company can’t avoid jumping on the demand for sports utility vehicles, as a new report has suggested that the company is about to release its very own take on the SUV.

In a recent report, it was claimed that the company are set to release an SUV as soon as 2021. It is speculated that the motor will include a hybrid engine, and will be designed by a digital artist.

Set to be a “five-door high-riding coupe”, the car is said to be released to compete with Lamborghini’s own upcoming Urus luxury SUV and the impressive Aston Martin DBX.

The new car is set to feature all-wheel drive and will run on a hybrid powertrain which will make it Ferrari’s first ever petrol-electric car since the LaFerrari.

However, the bad news may be the price. The price of buying a Ferrari SUV looks to be through the roof. Plus, according to insiders the car will be on the market for a hefty €300,000, which works out to be roughly £265,000.

Although these costs haven’t yet been confirmed. Even if these rumours are true, then 2021 is still a long way off and these speculated plans could definitely be changed.

What do you think about Ferrari building its very own SUV?

Mercedes Sprinter van spied during assessment

According to photographs which are being revealed over the internet, the Mk3 version of the popular Mercedes van is set to arrive next year. The photographs which have been snapped shows the model currently undergoing assessments by engineers.

It’s set to be the third-generation model to replace the ageing Mk2 Sprinter. Speculators have voiced that this new model is expected now due to the Mk2 having been released way back in 2006.

The pretty lengthy partnership with Volkswagen seen that the previous Mercedes Sprinter platforms had shred with the VW LT and Crafter panel vans. However, the two marques have taken a different turn and have now gone it alone for their newest models. The Sprinter and the Volkswagen Crafter are both their own vans.

The photographs which have been publicised show the Sprinter in flat-bed, dropsied, pick-up format. However, this won’t be the only version as there will be numerous body styles available. These could include a traditional panel van, a side-windowed crew van, a complete minibus version and a chassis cabin version.

Each version will be available with numerous wheelbase lengths, and tall roofs will be available too. This means that customers will be able to tailor their Sprinter for whichever task they wish.

A jacked up four-wheel-drive version may also be available with a crew cab fitted dropside. Also, a single cab version too.

Mercedes is still hiding the third-generation Sprinter’s new face, although it is easy to imagine an evolutionary design creeping in which could introduce even sleeker, revised headlights for the trademark grille.

Meanwhile, it is still way too early to speculate with regards to powertrains, although Mercedes could carry over some four and six-cylinder diesel power plants. These plants could improve fuel economy and refinement. Although we at Limo Broker speculate that the changes in the cabin will be a lot more noticeable.

This van is set to be fresh, with a redesign that will certainly please Mercedes buyers.

One-off Lamborghini Aventador S created for Goodwood Festival of Speed

We all know that numerous car manufacturers look to use Goodwood Festival of Speed as a way of showing off a new project. This year Lamborghini is wining this competition, and is blowing its own trumpet with particular oomph.

A one-off Lamborghini Aventador S has been created especially for the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed which has already been purchased.

The Aventador S was created by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam division, which has specialities in customising cars and occasionally produces one-offs for major capability showcases. Additionally, they also customise cars for customers which are willing to pay for something a little bit extra special.

This particular edition features a snazzy colour scheme of grey and orange which is seen across the car. The colour scheme is also included on the brake calliper, and the interior finish does include Goodwood decals and stitching on the seat carries the event’s name.

Lamborghini’s commercial director, Federico Foschini said, “Customers can personalise their cars in many ways, from the paint colour to the the stitch patterns, and today around 60% of them do that in some form,”

“It’s an area we see growing in popularity, and we created this car to show customers at the event what we can do. I’m pleased to say that the car is already sold.”

The base model is a standard Aventador S with non of its technical modifications. This is due to the base car being an impressive 730bhp. However, no price for the Goodwood Aventador S model has been revealed. Anyway the car has already been sold, although if you do have some change knocking about we’re sure Lamborghini Ad Personam could make you another one.

We guarantee that this one-off is so impressive that customers will be flocking for more to be made.

Jon Olsson rids his Lambo for a Rally-Ready Rolls-Royce Wraith

Man of mystery, Jon Olsson, is known for never opting for subtlety when it comes to purchasing a new ride. However, the same can’t be said for practicality; although his famous AWD Lamborghini Huracan held a mountain ski box like non other, the two-seater wasn’t equipped with space for his friends and family. So he’s decided that it just won’t do anymore.

So, Olsson has outed with the old Lambo and is in with a new and modified 2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith. The Wraith packs in 810 horsepower, features 24-inch forged rimms and has had an impressive camouflaged paint job. Originally, the ski legend wanted to go for an off-road, winterized look with the Rolls which explains the extra lights and magnetic rooftop jerrycan cage. However, as the project dragged into June, the team ended splitting the difference with a summer-rally inspired set-up.

A Rolls-Royce coupe is certainly the opposite to what most people have in mind whilst thinking of a performance machine. Although, George’s 6.6 litre twin turbo V-12 certainly sounds impressive as it growls through a custom Quicksilver exhaust. The team at Absolut Motors have also lowered and tightened the suspension, which has nodded to Olssen that he won’t have an invite to a Rolls-Royce event anytime soon.

Minutes after the Wrath was complete of its make-over, Olssen and his team hopped in and drove over 1,400 miles from Absolut Motors’ shop in the Netherlands to his house in Marbella, Spain.

Olssen also has visions of turning the already impressive motor into a snowplow. He promises a winter-ready “George 2.0” by the end of 2017. Who knows what motors he has planned for 2018, and indeed what cosmetic differences he will add to them.

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Aston Martin makes an appearance at Henley Royal Regatta 2017

The Henley Royal Regatta 2017 has officially kicked off, and for the last two months the site has been transformed into what must be the most beautiful international sporting arena in the world.

Blue and white, candy-striped boat tents are visibly clear, with whitewashed pavilions for officials and VIPs. It’s hard to imagine that Henley’s has always looked like this since it was first held in 1839. This is certainly its charm, and the main reason that you won’t get anywhere near the Stewards Enclosure unless you meet the strictest of dress codes. So basically, the HRR makes Ascot look like Glastonbury.

However, there’s a change this year according to its sponsors. Local boys Bremont, Hackett, and Aston Martin have all been chosen undoubtedly for their English identity.

Simon Sproule, VP and CMO at Aston Martin has said, “The initial contact came through mutual acquaintances who were scoping out interest for a few select partners for HRR,”

“It was the first time Henley had look at partners and so it was immediately an interesting idea for us to pursue.

“The first contact was made around the time of last year’s regatta so I had the chance to visit and meet Sir Steve Redgrave and the team. They also took the time to come to Gaydon to get to know us. I liked that they were very careful and cautious about who they wanted to work with, not always the case with partnerships between the corporate sector and sports.”

Aston Martin will reportedly provide the transport for officials. The car has been specially commissioned to celebrate the event and the manufacturers partnership. This also ties in with another event that’s taken place this weekend. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a more obvious place to find Aston Martin, so perhaps the partnership with the HRR is strategic?

Aston Martin is actively looking for new prospects and customers due to and operating long-term profit and sustainable plan for growth going ahead.

Sproule also said: “In the last couple of years we’ve been starting to raise the Aston Martin profile through sports. The start of that was with Red Bull F1 and our innovation partnership born from the Valkyrie hypercar project. More recently, we’ve been working with Serena Williams and Tom Brady, respectively the most successful in their sports. And connected with our new plant in St Athan in Wales, we are supporting Glamorgan County Cricket Club and youth cricket in Wales. Our global growth strategy is driving the most aggressive product launch plan in the company’s history which in turn calls for to us to reach more new customers across the world. Sport is a very effective way to reach prospective customers and so was a natural area for us to invest.”

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