Susan Boyle's limo given police escort in U.S.

Susan Boyle's limo given police escort in U.S.

Unlikely singing superstar Susan Boyle was relieved to make it to her chauffeur driven limo this week after getting mobbed by fans when she arrived at L.A Airport. The former church volunteer was helped through the mass of adoring fans by 6 burly bodyguards as she made her way to her luxury limousine.

After her appearance earlier this year on Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle has become an international star with millions of people viewing her You Tube clip from the show in which she sang the hit song from Les Miserables, I Dreamed a Dream. Boyle is visiting the U.S as she has been invited to perform at the final of America’s Got Talent on Wednesday night. She is due to sing her brand new single which is a cover of the Rolling Stones hit, Wild Horses.

Since her unexpected rise to fame the talented 48-year-old has been lavished with the A-List treatment and swamped by excited fans, however the scene at the LAX Airport was a real sensation. It took Boyle, or SuBo as the papers have nicknamed her, half an hour to make her way through the waiting fans and her limo was even given a police escort to ensure she reached her 5 star hotel safely.

However it seems that Susan is still astonished by her own popularity. After being confronted by the screaming crowds chanting her name and holding up banners dedicated to her, she look dumbstruck and asked “is this for me?!” She’ll have to get used to it as a host of celebrity names are also dying to meet the Scottish sensation including Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. The high profile couple are believed to have arranged a backstage meeting this Wednesday night after Boyle’s performance.

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