Used limos are currently doing a roaring trade in the UK

Limo dealers working in the second hand market have reported a surge in sales following the credit crunch.

It is believed the rise in the number of sales of used limos has come as a result of the economic slump. With many limo hire businesses folding due to the recession, there’s been an increase in the number of second hand limos available. As other limo firms struggle to secure finance to invest in new limos, there’s been a surge in demand for used limos as they are a more economically viable option as opposed to buying new.

In the UK a number of limousine hire firms have fallen victim to the credit crunch. Some have been unable to attract new customers during the gloomy economic climate, whilst others have been unable to receive much needed financial support from the banks who are unwilling to lend.

In order to overcome the obstacle of not being able to secure financial backing to invest in a new limousines, many operators have turned to the second hand limo market to bring a new lease of life to their fleet. A number of newer models have been spotted on the market recently. These vehicles can get picked up for half the price of a brand new model, making them a very attractive option.

Sussex based limo distributor, Krystal UK, have been feeling the effect of the boom in business. They recently reported that 7 out of every 10 of their limos sold have been used vehicles.

However some limo bosses argue that investing in second hand limos is a false economy as customers are attracted to a company that has a unique limo which stands out from the crowd. By buying a used limousine, you’re buying something that’s already been seen before.

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