The 1955 Cadillac had to be towed part of the way to the wedding

For bride Stephanie Douglas from Ludlow, the memory of the ride to her wedding ceremony will stay with her for many years. The 23-year-old was collected from her home in a stunning chauffeur driven 1955 white Cadillac to take her to her wedding at Ludlow Castle, however disaster struck 10 minutes into the journey when the vintage wedding car broke down.

The chauffeur tried frantically to get the wedding car up and running again but to no avail. Luckily a stranger driving a construction company truck came to the bride’s rescue and offered to tow the car to the Castle so the wedding could go ahead.

The father of the bride, Ken Williams, rang ahead to warn the registrar that they were running late, however the bridal party finally made it to the ceremony, a respectable 10 minutes behind schedule. The chauffeur had even managed to fire up the engine on the Cadillac so Stephanie was able to make the arrival she’d dreamed of.

Caught up in the drama of the moment, neither the bride nor her father got the name of the stranger with the truck who saved the wedding and got them to the castle on time. The bridal party would like to extend their thanks to their mystery hero for saving the day.

However, the 55-year-old classic car struggled on the return journey, and broke down taking the newlyweds to their reception at Mortimer’s Cross village hall.

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