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Yesterday marked the closing day of the Coach and Bus Live Show, one of the largest industry exhibitions of the year. Welcoming some of the biggest names through the NEC doors the show was a complete success, celebrating the latest products and services to hit the UK transport market.

Unveiling new technology, suppliers and coach and bus builders there was a lot of competition, with a variety of businesses to contend with. However, the Starline Limo Bus stole the show, being the loudest, most exiting stand Birmingham has ever seen.

Tej Randeva, sole distributor of these bespoke-made limo buses says:

‘We were incredibly humbled by the amount of attention and compliments our buses received on the stand, especially from coach operators.’Being a market that coach operators are seldom to get involved in Starline was shocked to see how many coach companies wanted to add an exciting element to their fleet, offerings something a little different than the standard coach or minibus.

Show 3

Exceeding expectations – 10 Starline Limo Buses Sold!

‘Before the show we set out with a vision to sell one bus, with the show being more about getting our name out there in the industry’.

Selling 10 buses in total the Starline bosses were overwhelmed by the demand displayed, with coach builder Gary Johns putting this success down to the buses’ elaborate nature.

‘When building the Starlines we wanted to create a vehicle that could be hired for a wealth of occasions. With our first two prototypes being extremely in demand for weddings, hen dos, stag does, proms, birthdays as well as corporate events we knew we had created a vehicle that operators would want to invest in’.

Selling a bus within the first 30 minutes of the show the exhibition started as it meant to go on, with publications including Coach and Bus Week and Route One Magazine eager to climb inside the two Starlines on display. Enjoying a complimentary cocktail and a goodie bag packed with treats the stand was quickly branded ‘the party stand’ with professionals from all types of businesses intrigued to learn more about the buses.


Transport Broker Group scheme

Although the buses basically sold themselves it was the hire scheme being offered that got people excited, with every purchaser getting guaranteed £10,000 worth of free work from Transport Broker Group, but more importantly an agency approval with Limo Broker, Coach Broker & Cars for Stars.

‘The main gamble with investing in a new vehicle like this is not getting the work, this is why buying a Starline is a unique purchase, getting the support you need to get the vehicles out on the road’ Tej Randeva continues.

Buy a Starline Limo Bus

If you are interested to learn more about the Starline Limo Bus then visit the website today. There you will find more information about how the buses are built and the equipment and features you will find inside.

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