At Limo Broker we commend anyone who uses limousines to create buzz; understanding the impact prestigious cars can have on business accomplishment.


Beautiful cars can have a certain way of translating messages to consumers in a manner that captures interest and intrigue simultaneously.

Possessing that definite mystery passers by are always hungry to know who or what is inside a limousine, trying their hardest to see through those blacked out windows.

Luckily for the pedestrians of Cardiff they have today seen this beautiful stretched limousine sporting the promotional art of Spice 2 Go, the Indian food chain who have made the most of Limo Broker’s marketing opportunities. The stretched Audi Q7 roamed the streets of Cardiff encouraging everyone to download their app to receive free food!


With Audi R8’s being synonymous with astonish such vehicles serve as fantastic Public Relations tools, enthusing with that sense of originality that all marketing campaigns require.

Spice 2 Go are regular clients of ours who are infamous for creating relationships with consumers through innovative and ‘out of the box’ marketing. From belly dances to PR stunts their prominence within the market is greatly admirable.

Today marks the launch of the Spice 2 Go ordering app, again adding to their digital ethos of bringing what they call ‘The Curry Revolution’. Encouraging brand recognition the branded R8 limousine travelled throughout Cardiff and Swansea, ensuring no passer by looked past their promotional endeavour.

We spoke to the Head of Marketing at Spice 2 Go who put the already displayed success of the app down to Limo Broker’s vehicles.

‘We decided to go with an Audi Q7 as it is a car that attracts the youth demographic, as does the food of Spice 2 Go. By stamping the white Audi with the colours and logos of the Spice 2 Go chain we ensured the iconography of Spice 2 Go would be embedded in the minds of onlookers, seeing an influx of customers ordering our curries.’

As well as serving as a great advantage to the marketing of the brand todays efforts have seen the Spice 2 Go stores inundated with orders. Customers have been wanting to try out the app and leave reviews, revelling in the first curry house to boast an online app.

We at Limo Broker wish Spice 2 Go all the luck in their new app adventure and urge everyone to give it a try.

You can download the Spice 2 Go app on your IPhone as well as your Android, why not give it a go?