A couple from Hereford arrived at their wedding reception in what was surely, one of the smallest wedding cars ever seen.

It took the newlyweds, Nicky Davies and Ben Williams, almost 15 minutes to squeeze into the diminutive Peel car, with the bride’s train on her wedding dress taking the most time to contain within the miniature car.

The mini wedding car was provided by friend of the groom, Faizal Khan, who owns Peel Engineering which makes electric powered replicas of the tiny Peel car.

Bows and decorations were kept to a minimum on the wedding car as there simply wasn’t any room to hang anything on it as the vehicle only measures 57 inches in length, and 41 inches in width. However the couple managed to secure a single white ribbon to the red wedding car, and also traditional tin cans from the boot.

With a top speed of just 10mph, it was lucky that the newlyweds only had a short 5 mile trip to make from their ceremony to their wedding reception venue in Hereford.

The 3-wheel eco-friendly wedding car came as a complete surprise to the wedding guests as the newlyweds managed to keep it a secret until they rolled up in it after the ceremony.

The eye-catching wedding car certainly caused a stir on the big day, but with just room for two onboard, the bride and groom had to dispense with a chauffeur and drive themselves.