A Rolls Royce once owned by Simon Cowell has been converted into a custom-built hearse by Nottinghamshire-based funeral directors, A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service.

The luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom VII, once a regular feature on talent show, X Factor, has undergone a dramatic transformation, courtesy of specialist coachbuilders based in Italy. However, the car’s new owners were unaware of its celebrity links before purchasing the vehicle.

Managing Director, Matthew Lymn Rose, explained, “The car was advertised on the internet with no reference to any special previous owner. It was only when we went to see it and saw all the special features like the champagne holder and the unusual dark olive-green interior that we asked who used to own it. Once we got the car we Googled the number plate and that’s when we saw all the pictures of Simon Cowell popping up. It was a nice surprise.”

Since taking ownership of Mr Cowell’s former Rolls Royce, the funeral directors have overseen some drastic changes to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Gone are the TV screens, mood lighting, fully-reclining electric rear seats and sheepskins rugs, the rear of the vehicle is now understated and adorned with leather and stainless steel. Where the champagne cooler once featured proudly, a new crystal glass coffin compartment now stands. The exterior paint has also been changed with the funeral directors opting for silver over the black body seen on ITV’s X Factor.

The funeral directors could be forgiven for using Mr Cowell’s celebrity status as a unique selling point when negotiating with would-be-customers but their Managing Director admits they’ve avoided doing so thus far.

Mr Lymn Rose explained:

“We haven’t been pitching it to customers on that basis but as they’re finding out it seems to be proving really popular with people.”