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If you didn’t already know yesterday was transfer deadline day, the most important day on the sporting calendar.

With the world fixated on Sky Sports News there was a universal anticipation to see what club Jermain Defoe was set to transfer to.

With Arsenal and QPR battling for the Tottenham striker emotions were high for fans, engrossed by their television, tablets and iPhones, awaiting the official verdict.

This tenseness was greatly undercut when Simon Brodkin AKA Lee Nelson AKA Jason Bent filled our screens, posing as a footballer and claiming to be Jermain Defoe.

After stating to be Defoe he then continued his performance, getting into character.

The comedian evolved into his outspoken footballer creation Jason Bent, claiming to have been signed for Queens Park Rangers and was set to “play in the Premiership this season and in the Championship next season”.

Simon Brodkin camera-bombed a Sky reporter at Loftus Road, pretending to be bringing the nation the latest news on football transfers.

With the Sky Sports reporter not entertaining Simon’s act we at home only enjoyed his display of football madness even more, enthralling in the excitement of transfer deadline day.

With a collection of football shirts Jason Brent then tried to convince the public that he had been signed for Arsenal as well as QPR, going to great efforts by having his act’s surname ‘Bent’ embellished on the back of them.

So, how did he manage to get all this airtime?

Arriving in a spectacular white Limo Broker Rolls Royce Phantom, the crowds were convinced that they were witnessing the arrival of a football megastar.

With glamour model Casey Bachelor draped on his arm Simon was very convincing, suggesting he had bagged himself his very own Wag.

Simon also hit headlines back in June when he tried to join the England World Cup football squad on a flight to Miami, suited and booted in the club’s kit.

Where most of the nation got the joke many thought he had all the gear but no idea, letting a lot of his jokes simply go over their heads.

We at Limo Broker think that Simon Brodkin is not only hilarious but also pretty ballsy, admiring his persistence in trying to bring laughter to the football fanatics of the UK.

If you have not seen the video of this hysterical episode then check it out:



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