General Motors – the largest car manufacturer in the US – made history yesterday when they announced plans to have a ‘self-driving’ Cadillac on the roads within two years. According to spokeswoman Mary Barra, the car will enable drivers to travel along the highway without touching the steering wheel or putting a foot on the pedal.

This futuristic vehicle will utilise ‘Super Cruise’ technology that controls everything from steering to acceleration and braking, allowing drivers to cruise along hassle-free at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. The company also claim that the car’s self-drive feature will also function in stop-and-go congested traffic, meaning this could be a vehicle that really does drive itself.

In the same speech, Barra also revealed that GM aims to be the first manufacturer to equip a car with ‘vehicle-to-vehicle’ technology that will enable it to communicate with other, similarly equipped vehicles to warn of impending traffic hazards and improve road safety. Debuting in the second half on 2016, this feature will come as standard on the 2017 Cadillac CTS sedan.

While similar technology to GM’s ‘Super Cruise’ currently exists on some models of Mercedes-Benz, these only operate at low speeds and do not offer a complete ‘self-drive’ experience. With their new technology, GM claim that will be able to offer ‘true luxury’ on the road – the opportunity to kick back and let your car do all the work.