porsche-911-turbo-thumbIt’s an old and widely recognised concept that men who own a flash car think they’re god’s gift to women. However a recent study has actually uncovered solid evidence to back up this theory.

A group of Canadian researchers undertook the study using a wide group of men. After taking a spin in a £80,000 Porsche the testosterone levels of the men tested flew off the Richter scale. The opposite was also true; when the same men were given a clapped-out old banger to drive, their testosterone levels took a dramatic nose dive.

You guessed it ladies, it all centres around the female of the species. The researchers described the effect men believe a fast car has as being “akin to possessing a strong sexual charm that renders them irresistible to women.” Delusional? We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions…

The study also revealed that men consider their cars to be an extension of themselves; this may explain why some men feel the need to lavish their cars with attention and care, tantamount to an act of extreme vanity. It also went one step further and confirmed that men saw their car as a status symbol, another weapon by which to snare women.

Thanks to those canny Canadian scientists we can now nod wisely and say we were right all along; men really are that simple!

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