A birthday treat of a ride in a pink limo took a tragic turn for a Lanarkshire schoolgirl after yobs hurled a missile at the moving vehicle, striking the young girl in her left eye.

Aimee Mullholland’s 8th birthday had started out perfectly. The sun was shining, and the birthday girl enjoyed a pampering session at the hairdressers before being whisked away in the chauffeur driven limo with nine of her closest friends and family members.

However tragedy struck when the 8-year-old waved out the window of the limo at passers-by and a group of three thugs launched a rock at the vehicle as it drove by, smashing into the face of the schoolgirl.

Aimee’s mother, Kimberley Duffy, who was travelling onboard the limo at the time, told of the horror which unfolded and described looking into her daughter’s face and seeing “no eye there.”

The chauffeur, at hearing the young girl’s screams, pulled the limo over immediately and gave chase, attempting to catch the thugs who’d thrown the rock, although it was too late as they had already fled the scene.

An ambulance was called, and the 8-year-old was rushed to Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow where she underwent 3 hours of surgery to save her left eye. Unfortunately the surgeons were unable to save Aimee’s sight in her one eye, although the youngster is now due to undergo some more operations in a bid to regain her vision in the damaged eye.

Aimee’s mother Kimberley paid tribute to her young daughter’s bravery describing how “proud” she is of the way she’s coped with the ordeal.

Police in Lanarkshire are appealing for witnesses to the incident to come forward.

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