2nd hand Chrysler 300 limo

2nd hand Chrysler 300 limo

Despite the economic downturn, one limo hire company in East Sussex is reporting an increase in not only the number of limo hire bookings it’s receiving, but also the number of enquiries into purchasing second hand limos. Star Limousines is the largest operator within its area. They are also the only European agent for renowned coach builders, Krystal Enterprises, known in the UK as Limo World UK.

This second string to the limo hire company’s bow seems to paying dividends. They suspect that their increased limo hire bookings and second hand limos sales are linked. As some hire companies fall victim to the recession, others who are surviving may be forced to downsize their fleet. Due to the decrease in limo operators and a narrower choice of vehicles to choose from, customers are not able to find suitable limos for hire.

Star Limousines have maintained their original fleet and are therefore in high demand as they offer a huge range of limos. Other limo hire companies are beginning to realise that their lack of choice is losing them customers, so they are turning to the second hand limo market as a means of bridging the gap.

Many limo hire companies are still finding it hard to get credit from banks so buying a brand new limousine is simply out of the question. So as an alterative, they are looking to purchase the best second hand vehicles they can get their hands on.

Star Limousines are able to offer a great range of some of the latest models, often saving a staggering 50% off the original price. With Chrysler 300 limos available from just £25,995 there’s never been a better time to invest in a new addition to your fleet.

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