The legendary ZiL limousine is poised to make a comeback more than 20 years after the last iconic ZiL-41072 was built and blazed through the streets of Russia. The ZiL limousine is a symbol of Russian power and has been especially crafted for Russian President Putin. Known as “Limo Number One”, the iconic limo that was in development for six years is now ready to be launched and promises to steal the crown as the world’s most luxurious and exclusive automobile.

The 2012 edition, the ZIL-4112P prototype that boasts a 7.7 litre engine and six-speed automatic transmission, was unveiled to the public via federal television broadcasts on Sunday 28 October.

ZiL’s Director of Limousine Production Mikhail Sattarov told media outlet Channel 1: “We tried to preserve the generic feature of the ZiL: the recognizable style, the lighting, the mirrors. We wanted it to be clear that this is a ZiL, not a soapbox, not a Mercedes. If you look, its dark blue. If you look at what Obama drives around in its a scary submarine, no kind of aesthetic, it’s awful to look at.”

The ZiL limo has transported past Kremlin leaders like Leonid Brezhnev and Boris Yeltsin.

ZiL makers are confident that this new recreation will upstage any car and has commented that US President Obama’s vehicle does not hold a candle. Mr Sattarov said of Mr Obama’s Cadillac One: “We saw what Obama rides in; it’s an ugly submarine with no aesthetics. It looks awful.”

The ZiL-4112P is definitely a welcome addition to the limousine industry!