Rolls Royce to be all-electric by 2040

Rolls Royce to be all-electric by 2040

Renowned for their large engines and iconic roar, the Rolls Royce brand has over the years become synonymous with power, having released some petrol-guzzling creations in their time. However, it appears we are seeing a shift in focus for the British manufacturers, this week announcing their plans to be ‘all-electric’ by 2040. So, are we saying goodbye to the Rolls Royce style we have begun to love? Well, by ditching the internal combustion engine commonly used in luxury cars, we are certainly in for a few changes.

Following suit

Though a big move, many are saying that Rolls Royce are simply following in the footsteps of other brands such as BMW and Volvo, entering the modern world of vehicle manufacturing. Giving kudos to Britain and France for their efforts to travel in a more environmentally friendly manner, Torsten Müller-Ӧtvӧs, Chief Executive of Rolls Royce, says that the Middle East will be the next to employ such a vision.

“When you see what happens in Saudi, when you see what happens in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, they are all looking into alternative energy. Electrification will also happen in these countries, sooner or later” he said.

However, with the UK government banning the production of non-electric cars in 2040, is Rolls Royce’s decision based on legalities as opposed to environmental concerns?

Though 2040 is the cutoff point, Rolls Royce will slowly begin to phase out 12-cylinder petrol engines in its cars, expected to introduce the first model in the next ten years.

“We will definitely offer 12-cylinder engines as long as we can, as long as it is legally allowed to offer them” Müller-Ӧtvӧs continued.

Let us know what you think about this, will the Rolls Royce brand as we know and love it be no more?

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