While Rolls Royce are notorious for their exquisite automotive creations they are seldom seen in everyday travelling life, often reserved for the infrequent, important weekend  trips. Criticised for their lack of everyday use it appears that Rolls Royce officials have sat up, making the effort to open up the RR brand to a larger market.

With the commissioning of the Rolls Royce SUV we could be set to see more and more Rollers on the streets of the UK, diminishing that stigma that Rolls Royce cars are not for the everyday driver.

Working with BMW

Having partnered with BMW for this ground-breaking project the team is eager to spread the word of the SUV’s purpose, explaining that it is ‘not a monster truck’ but still possesses the essence of the RR ethos.

“It was somewhat daunting to do an SUV for that brand,” explains BMW design boss Adrian van Hooydonk.

“But it will be a truly special car. You can be assured that it will not be a monster truck, don’t worry” he adds.

“There are a lot of stories to tell about Rolls-Royce,” van Hooydonk continues.

“When the brand started, typically the cars had a lot of ground clearance and huge wheels, and were used by Maharajas and other people to drive from Europe to the Far East.

“That was a time when the automotive world had not even figured out these different segments or categories – they were just cars. And there weren’t many good roads either,” he adds.

“When we dug into the history of Rolls-Royce, we struck upon these kinds of cars and thought, there might be a way.”

‘We’re not going to see some modern-day interpretation of an old Maharaja car, but the very idea that Rolls-Royces were used as daily drivers across rough roads was the key’.

Set to hit the roads in 2018 the car will sit on a newly-developed aluminium space frame structure, a feature that is currently being road-tested. Displaying a mission to provide that ‘magic caret ride’ on all surfaces BMW and Rolls Royce are making all the reservations to open up the market,  creating a well-rounded product.

Let is know what you think, could the SUV really become an everyday car? Share your opinions with us.